Our mission

The greatest wealth the human is its dreams and efforts to achieve happiness in life for himself and their loved ones. In the Direct Bank Ltd, we believe that every person is hidden unimaginable amounts of energy and ideas to achieve this. And some of these ideas are able to change the world for the better. Not always are the circumstances conducive to their implementation.

So we had given a task to ourselves in the Direct Bank LTD - with help the largest possible number of our clients surmount adversity and obstacles of various kind and allow them to fully develop their creativity and give vent the enormous energy and power which every man has in himself. The goal of Direct Bank Ltd, its partners and colleagues is to encourage every effort of our clients to a better, friendlier and more beautiful world around us. We are aware that only such a world it makes sense to create for us and future generations.

That is the reason of Direct bank Ltd was founded - a bank that is different. It is the first bank, which is REALLY YOUR BANK.

  • Because each client Direct Bank Ltd is also the co-owner.
  • Because we are the first bank, which decided to fully support business activities of its clients in direct sales, multilevel marketing, network marketing, marketing, reference, etc. ...
  • Because we are the first bank, which decided to provide its clients with all the possibilities to create a financial background and its growth. And it offers also means and methods that were previously only available to financial institutions, not their clients. This allows us to offer clients and partners the superior financial products with which you will encounter elsewhere hardly, if at all.

Believe yourself at least as we in the Direct Bank Ltd believe in you. The world is changing, so we take care of it, that it will change according to our wishes. Direct Bank LTD - we are here to let money work REALLY FOR YOU!

Direct Bank LTD


Misa Building, BP 724,
Fomboni, Mwali-Mohéli,
Autonomous island of Mwali-Mohéli,
Comoros Union

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All financial and banking products are offered by Direct Bank Ltd. under a banking license (License No. B20070017) in the Comoros Islands.